Spy stuff


Not much excitement these days because just about every waking moment is taken up with college stuff. It’s all getting a bit grim, what with war, mass extermination and government policy networks. Mind you, standing on the tube wearing a rucksack and reading ‘Jihad: Let’s Do it!’ frees up space around you something lovely. ‘Genocide: Not That Difficult Once You Get Going’ is another one that earns a bit of unease among the neighbours.

Time constraints, er, constrain me from going to a talk about the Cold War this evening at the Frontline Club. The Russians were apparently working on something really really secret which has been dubbed the Doomsday Machine. Bluddy brilliant. I’m so glad we didn’t know that at the time. Not about the machine, but that the world was being risked by a bunch of comic-book conventionists. Mind you, the CIA thought they could master the world by staring at goats.

Hurry up and finish reading; this post will self-destruct in five seconds.


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