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Want to know anything about genocide? Well, it’s not the same as mass slaughter, for a start, and as soon as I finish my essay I’ll be able to tell you why. With examples. Oh dear, I have spent the last week in a welter of degradation and disgust, and not surprisingly, some of the […]

Fit for purpose


Here’s an idea. If you are working at Well Known Fashion Magazine during the week, and feeling the pressure so badly you have to go and comfort eat pastry at lunchtime, think carefully about your evening pursuits. Specifically, I would advise against going to the Performance-Sports Shop and trying on swimming costumes. Yes, it was […]



Oh heavens, I can’t keep it in any longer. As a freelancer, I get to gad about between many different types of publication, and this week I am at Well Known Fashion Magazine. Everyone is very nice, but being surrounded by people from gene pools that give them small ribcages and elegant hands has worked […]

Spy stuff


Not much excitement these days because just about every waking moment is taken up with college stuff. It’s all getting a bit grim, what with war, mass extermination and government policy networks. Mind you, standing on the tube wearing a rucksack and reading ‘Jihad: Let’s Do it!’ frees up space around you something lovely. ‘Genocide: […]