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Scary stuff


To a talk at Cass Business School this week. Which sounds very impressive and draws a veil over the grumpy gracelessness with which I arrived, having only been reminded of the irksome appointment two hours earlier. Really, really, really glad I went. It was fascinating and gloom-making talk by Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo, tied in […]

After a month of not drinking very much, I am suffering. Specifically suffering from the end of the month of not drinking very much. Last night. Ow. And this could be a case of the mythical bad pint, but is it possible that Lemsip Max and beer might result in a hangover that felt like […]

Three colds in a month. Three. Can this be normal? Or is it Lemsip-sweating Nemesis stirred into action by my stupidly imagining that I’d finally built up the immunity-impunity to survive the Choob? Ha! I remember thinking in giddy self-congratulation in early December, I don’t seem to get ill any more – it must be […]

Other people – ‘organised people’, we might call them – have two email addresses. They have the one to which Facebook delivers a message to inform them that they have a message (meta-messaging?), and the one they write down on forms that require official interaction. Not that officials really do require it, but in the […]

Gone swimmingly


Oh there’s no stopping me now. But that’s only because I’ve just returned from the pool and that always makes me chatty – and heavens, did it afford some stuff to chat about. We are well into FunnyTime, where the guilty come to purge off their Christmas and lie to themselves about new exercise regimes. […]

Gawd help us, that was about the longest Christmas I’ve ever had. Long in terms of eventiness, that is, and not the kind that involves flitting from party to party, sparkling and twinkling my way across the shires. This was more the kind that sees my mum getting pneumonia and ending up in hospital, and […]