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Dig for victory


Just back from snowy Wiltshire, whence I carted the first batch of Christmas presents. Carefully added to the pile was my dad’s present, which he received a week early – Yak Trax! Other highlights of the weekend: watching the Somerfield juggernaut get stuck in the town square. Suddenly there were faces at upper windows and […]

Christmas cheer is in full flow at the moment, which is to say Pepsi and painkiller consumption in the ayem has risen in direct proportion to rosy-cheeked shoutychats in the peeyem. Last night I was opining, loudly, to some cornered unfortunate at the college Christmas party that I have always disliked talking to my lecturers […]

Journey time


I made it to Dublin 90 minutes before curtain up, and 10 hours after leaving home. Delayed delayed delayed, said the departure board, but there are worse places to be than in the warm with a good book (very good: Wolf Hall, loving it). Dublin was snowy, icy, slippy as hell for those poor souls […]

This is the week that I selected to take time off to write my college essay. Good, because I haven’t had to face the commute-struggle through the snow; bad, because I don’t want to heat the whole house during the day just for me. And heckety crumpets has it been cold scampering down unheated stairs […]