Watching from the sidelines


Reason for the pause is partly due to clenching with cold, partly due to excess of college work. Another large slice of attention pie has been devoted to the unfolding story of Ireland and its bullying by the EU. Hopefully now that money markets are pushing Belgium into danger — that’s the Belgium that’s at the heart of the EU, the Belgium that hasn’t had a government since April, wtf? — Ireland won’t be the only country wilting under the heat lamp of Eurocratic disapproval. When has anyone been able to think calmly when in the middle of a jostling crowd shouting ‘Quickly Quickly Quickly/Stupid Stupid Stupid’ into both ears?

By the by, wasn’t there supposed to be some attempt to stop financial speculators from being able to torpedo a country? ‘Market jitters send shudders through [name country here please subs]…’ Maybe I just dreamed that. I certainly once dreamed that Bob Geldof fancied me, and that didn’t turn out to be true either.

The upshot of all this is nothing very much to report, because not very much has struck me as funny. Except, of course, Giles and Sue Live the Good Life. Why does Giles have top billing when Sue is easily the star of the show? Watching her chase a pig around a show ring made me howl, and I keep giggling at the memory. In fact, twice this week pedestrians in South London have witnessed what looked like a walking bag of jumble burst out laughing in the street. Superb.


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