Well I never…


Oh my, what a fuss about nothing. The second presentation went fine and – whisper it – I can almost see why people might like public speaking. So there. It makes a big difference when you know what you’re talking about. Ten minutes on Clausewitzean analysis of war is very different from a few minutes chatting on about What This ‘Ere Article Says.

Saturday, clocky-going-backy day, was the first day of porridge, and the first stew and dumplings day. It was also embedded in a weekend of discoveries.

Discovery 1) If you haven’t been swimming for a while and then bloodymindedly try to do what you used to manage with ease, your shoulders will pack up.

Discovery 1.5) They still won’t have loosened much by Monday, but fingers crossed for Tuesday, eh?

Discovery 2) You don’t have to cook dumplings by floating them on top of the stew with the lid tight shut. In fact, you can bake them separately on a tray and you get a kick-ass crunch/fluff combo.

Discovery 3) Children are incredibly literal minded. We prepped the hall on Saturday with a large bowl of sweets to offer any little chisellers who came trick or treating, but they only came out on Sunday night which was, yes, technically, Halloween.

Discovery 3.5) A black-painted front door with a small rubber skeleton lynched from the letterbox isn’t catnip to the kiddies. The neighbours had visitors but no-one called to us, so we ate the sweets ourselves. Bah.

Discovery 4) When the clocks go back, phones don’t change their time automatically, unlike computers. The inattentive will be woken at five on Monday morning, croaky-voiced and flailing, by a phone who thinks it’s time to get up and study. Buggering hell.


3 Responses to “Well I never…”

  1. 1 Pumpkin Eater

    It’s a well known fact that a lit, carved pumpkin on the doorstep is a declaration to the world that you are ready to receive the Trick or Treat fraternity……..though this obviously only works if it’s done on the correctly appointed day in the calendar.

    • 2 vanessaharriss

      Are you sure? It seems a bit low-tech to me. Mind you, the animatronic human head WAS a bit creepy, now I think about it.

      • 3 Pumpkin Eater

        until it’s sponsored by Apple then it will remain lowtech ….. though we’d then be subjected to hordes of geeky folk, who don’t normally leave the house, banging on the door shouting iTrick or iTreat

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