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Reason for the pause is partly due to clenching with cold, partly due to excess of college work. Another large slice of attention pie has been devoted to the unfolding story of Ireland and its bullying by the EU. Hopefully now that money markets are pushing Belgium into danger — that’s the Belgium that’s at […]

Stiff upper lip


Movember  – the international, sponsored moustache growing in aid of prostate cancer research – is great. Not because I’m in love with all things tache-tastic, but because it’s nice to watch boys take full licence to make fools of themselves, while laughing heartily all the way. If I were a bloke I’d try all manner […]

When I was a nipper, there seemed to be lots of maths/science programmes on the telly. Johnny Ball, Magnus Pike, David Bellamy, Patrick Moore – they were always staring at the sky, pointing at an easel with a snooker cue, squeezing fistfuls of mud or explaining to small people with pudding-bowl haircuts, tiny jumpers and […]

Well I never…


Oh my, what a fuss about nothing. The second presentation went fine and – whisper it – I can almost see why people might like public speaking. So there. It makes a big difference when you know what you’re talking about. Ten minutes on Clausewitzean analysis of war is very different from a few minutes […]