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Is there anything worse than watching someone address a room when they’re so nervous they’re practically vomiting? Please say yes, because that was me, on Friday night, presenting to my seminar class, and I’m still making funny noises. Erk. Dry mouth, papers flapping so much I couldn’t turn the page – and no spit available […]

Fruits of toil


A friend gave me some quinces earlier this week, from her garden in Kent. I love them, but they daunt me. They’re unbelievably hard to peel and core, and they have to be cooked for hours, but they are delicious: pleasure/pain in one handy, scary, medieval fruit. The best known, er, quince-delivery systems are jelly […]

Lunched today in Berkeley Square. Not as elegant as it sounds – I was sitting on a bench, eating beetroot out of the packet and reading an essay on war. There was a young couple beside me. She – lots of hair and what she thought was an adorable giggle; he – deeply pleased with […]

The bank called me last week. Well, actually it was Alan, micro-minion of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, but he seemed to be worried that I had foolishly bought some financial products from Another Company. He’d come to that conclusion because I appear to own virtually nothing, but how could that be? How could […]