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Cornwall was lovely, but only if you like hot, 20-something lifeguards and cream teas. By happy happenstance, I’m able to tolerate both to a remarkable degree (iron constitution, me), so I was able to watch the young things scamper about in the surf while I tried to concentrate on baked goods. In the end, it […]

Points west


At last the holiday arrives! The last week has been spent doing just about everything but prepare, which has led to some breathless list-making: ‘Do my washing, print off ticket, ring the parents…’ as I jog-trotted through the West End. Yesterday not a good time to be trying to be jog-trotting anywhere. What with the […]

I was completely wrong! No, wait. Let me rephrase. I was completely right! About Tamara Drewe, that is. The trailer is indeed a bad edit, and the film is far, far better than it would have you believe. When it started with a shot of bucolic Dorset village, a cloud of gloom began to condense […]

Excuse me a minute while I resettle, oof, the trousers of pain. Aiee. I bin doing a bit of walking lately, and the old legules are feeling it somewhat. It’s all down to the tube strike (‘LONDON GRINDS TO A HALT’), which seems to have been greeted with hysteria. On the news last night (‘HARDY […]

Girls on film


I went to the cinema this week, my first trip in months. I sat there, in the dark, armed with a small but extravagantly priced bag of Munchies (‘That’s two seventy-five please’), eyes wide, waiting for the magic lantern show to begin. Oh dear, I thought, the mood I’m in you can show me any […]