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If any of my friends realised how much I depend on them, I wonder if they’d run away, clutching their throats and making strangled noises. Hope not. But goodness, how much use they are. Just meeting up with someone and having a banter is enough to get me out of my own head and back […]

So, last night to the Frontline Club in Norfolk Place near Paddington. Have you been? It’s for independent journos/foreign/war correspondents (prolly best not to burst a paper bag loudly in the restaurant downstairs) and supports independent journalism wherever it may be. They hold fantastic talks on all manner of subjects, and last night was a […]

Well, j’ai dit bonjour, and then a pretty swift au revoir a Paris, though I shall be back. I’d never really done Paris before. Changed trains there, been through it on a coach, killed a couple of hours there while interrailing. The one time I had been there even halfway properly was during a French […]