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Rolling with it


Is the fact that the Sainsbury’s cheese singles are exactly – but exactly – the same size as their brown rolls a demonstration that soulless homogeneity now powers all of modern life, or is it a gratifying instance of things sometimes, flukily, just going right? Une petite explication: part of the reason I’m eating crap […]

Heavens! Wait till I tell the verucca she has a fan club! Questions have been asked, and I like to imagine the enquiries have been tenderly concerned. The silence is not because she and I have been wrestling to the death, it is because I have been very busy working. How dull. But the enforced […]

You know when you do so much exercise that bits of your brain pack up? No. Nor do I. But it happened to my mate Mr S. Single as you can see here. He was out enjoying a game of cricket in searing heat when his eyesight failed. This put me in mind of a […]

Artful Dodging


Occasionally I do get jerked out of my solipsistic reverie. Sometimes an external event or person will be so interesting that I wonder if perhaps they don’t trump my verruca in the game of Universally Fascinating. On reflection, Noel Fielding’s art exhibition could well be one of those trumps, but unfortunately I must confess that […]

The verucca is no longer a laughing matter. It has been elevated to ‘serious’ via ‘sodding painful’. It’s increased in diameter from a 5p piece last week to a penny, and in elevation from, er, pretty flat to really sticky out. It requires TWO normal plasters to cover it. God, what if it’s like an […]

Well, it seems they don’t dig out veruccas in the surgery any more, which is disappointing, because I was hoping to leave with something that looked like a chitted potato that I could pickle and use to nauseate my nephew. Instead I was given a bottle of The Strongest Stuff You Can Get, and told […]