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Head to toe


Today’s the deadline for choosing the option module for the next year of my politics master’s. The college sent the notification a week ago – last orders at 6pm this evening – and judging by the flurry of emails pinging about this afternoon, I’m not the only one who has left it to the last […]

Doggone it


Sorry, but I have to share this. The backroom bits of wordpress let you see how many people have visited your blog, and which search terms have led them to your site. Thanks to the last-but-one post, I now know that someone has been searching for ‘dogging sites near Balham’. Lovely weather for it, whoever […]

The wonder drug


My old mucker Laura Blue has been writing on about the powerful effect of exercise on depression, and it made me wonder again – is there more depression about these days? The answer – based on anecdote but that’s good enough for me – seems to be yes, but why? Certainly we all lead […]

Gone dogging


Have you ever tried it? I did the other night. I didn’t mean to, mind. Look, it’s all a terrible misunderstanding, officer. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. I was drinking whisky at the time in the park, right, watching people, and I just happened to spot… We’d better start from the beginning, hadn’t we? Whisky […]

Feeling bookish


There’s a great bookshop in Balham, just beside the station, called (hoot!) My Back Pages. I love it in there. It’s all higgledy piggledy, but they have a fantastic range of stuff and they’ll order something for you if you just ask. Luvly. I was in there recently, looking for a copy of To Kill […]

Forgive me if my voice rises to a shriek, but See? See? The foxes are going crazy. I was down in the country when I heard the story about those poor babies in Stoke Newington getting attacked by a fox, who entered the house, walked up the stairs and attacked them in their beds. I […]

A jolly wheeze


Wheeeee! Exams finish and summer begins! Peculiar thing about the human brain – my human brain, maybe – that I can’t recall birthdays, conversations with friends about fairly life-changing stuff, or indeed quite a lot of the material I’d revised, but by jiminy I can remember all the stupid things I wrote in my exams. […]