Morning has broken and Tooting has spoken


Isn’t that a lovely rhyme? That’s why I’m a highly paid lyricist and Poet Laureate. It would also work with Barking has spoken, though it might have been a beered-up roar, and told the BNP to shove it. Hurrah! Closer to (my) home, Sadiq won it, and well done lad.

I dislike the Tories immensely, despite Wednesday night’s lecture from a late-night taxi driver as I sat with one leg out of the car, saying mmm and dying to get into the house, but I take heart from the recent article I read in the Times. No, I can’t remember who wrote it, or when, but I think it was a leader, pointing out that whoever got into power would have to make such terrible cuts that they’d be unelectable for a generation. So there you go, Dave. Help yourself. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Morning has broken and Tooting has spoken”

  1. 1 Ironemu

    Err. Morning may have broken in Tooting but I believe the weather’s changed around Downing St

  2. 2 vanessaharriss

    It’s not looking too clement in Louisiana, either, I’d say.

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