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So Peter and I finally met up, me gently hallucinating with fatigue, and the next morning had to get up very early to catch the ferry to Martha‚Äôs Vineyard. I went downstairs at half six to find the breakfast area mobbed with people edging past the bain-maries and piling food onto their plates. Ah, I […]

So, where was I? No, really, where was I? What time was it? What in the name of hextable could possibly go wrong next? Well, it seems the wrongness still had a little bit to run. I waved goodbye to Mr Cute-AND-Saving-the-World who was collected by his dad, an unexpectedly dead ringer for Jed Clampett […]

They don’t let you rent a car if you have left your licence at home on your dressing table 3,000 miles away. Even if you whimper.