I really want a Kindle


This isn’t like me because I don’t get all excited about technology. That’s not to say I take a dim view of anything invented after 1800. I don’t sit at home knapping flint and brooding bitterly on Mr Stephenson’s Rocket, and I don’t think that it’s all been downhill since the beaker. No! I am all for technological innovation. Acksherly, the beaker is a fine example. Invent a handle and prestocadabra, what have you got? A mug! And the mug is the midwife of all human creativity. Certainly I seem to spend hours every day drinking tea out of one and mulling things over. I’m still waiting for the onset of brilliance, granted, but with a mug of tea glued to my hand it’s surely on its way.

But once you’ve got past mugs, technology can get a little bit up itself. Showing off. Being silly. Convincing us that we need a lot of stuff that other people will want to steal. It’s not that I don’t think iPhones, huuuuge tellies and MP3s are jolly clever things, I just have a finer mesh on my crap filter than yer average punter. Not that these things are intrinsically crap, it’s just that when I buy them and get them home they will turn into crap. Crap I have to hoover round, pack when I move house, worry about when I go on holiday and keep all the stupid packaging because otherwise the warranty won’t warrant.

Further mulling (with tea) clarifies things. Most technology has been concentrated in areas that don’t interest me. iPods are great but I want my wits about me when I walk down the street. Telly is great but I don’t need it five times bigger. Satnav’s ok but I can read a map. Skype just makes me miss my friends even more. But a Kindle, dear God I want a Kindle. I will never get rid of my books because I love them, but there are so many things that I’d like to read for work and study that are both ugly and heavy. Imagine being to load a year’s worth of guff onto one thingy, sling it into your bag and not go to the osteopath once a month. Brilliant.

Despite friends saying “Really?” in high-pitched incredulity when I tell them of my love, I am still straining at the leash. But I know I should wait. First, to ensure that the ugly/heavy stuff really is going to be converted into PDA-lingo, and second for natural selection to kick in. The digital Darwin has to weed out the weakest, otherwise I’ll be the idiot who owns a Betamax that only speaks Grisham. Doh.


One Response to “I really want a Kindle”

  1. 1 sidwadell

    If you’re as lucky as I am, as soon as you buy one it’ll be instantly out-of-date. The Kindle II will come out and will be faster and cheaper. I have a Psion Organiser and a Palm Pilot you can have if you like?

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