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Oh goody, a new ‘scientific’ study that proves we ladies just can’t help ourselves when it comes to shopping. Enslaved by hormones, we are driven to buy tat because our ovaries are ready to cha-cha


You’d think putting something on in front of an audience would be the same whether it’s live or filmed. But you’d be wrong, if my theatregoing has anything to say on the matter

The snooty majority may mock morris dancing, but a new film out makes it clear that cider, friends and men dancing with hankies is a recipe for joy

Smell of defeat


The mousehunt seems to be winding down, but are the mice exacting a martyr’s revenge?

The mouse cull continues – a worryingly high body count but reinforcements seem to be disembarking. Go back! There is no future for you here!

Finding you’re infested with mice is enough to switch off any feelings of mammalian fellow feeling. No, this is war. Go ninja, think like mouse and kill them all. Sorry, but there it is…