Amazon recommends…


Work gave us an Amazon gift voucher last year, worth 35 quid. No, it’s not exactly the gold-plated coke spoons and matching dickmobile that get handed out in other industries, but still, 35 quid is 35 quid, and I’m a tightwad. A tightwad and a why-won’t-this-work-bash-the-keyboard sort when it comes to typing in the relevant gift code. I tried to spend it once, in February, and it didn’t work so I gave up.
Then, four days before the expiry date, I found the voucher again. The heat was on – gotta choose a book, gotta choose a DVD, gotta spend that cash. Hovered and ruminated, ummed and even aahed and finally proceeded to checkout. But dammit, still couldn’t get the effing code to work. No! No! 35 of my quids are trickling down the drain! After 20 minutes scrolling back, refreshing the page, getting very hot and muttering, I finally sent a mail to Amazon who, despite it being the week before Christmas, were completely lovely and helpful and sorted it all out. Big up to Amazon, therefore.
But now they’ve started sending me emails recommending titles based on my hastily made purchases, and, frankly, I sound unhinged. Hey, hey! I can pretend that in another solar system I actually would peruse Alan Greenspan’s Age of Turbulence and Nassim Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden role of Chance in Life and in the Markets. Ooh, get me, I thought when I saw the suggestions, I look so clever and well informed. Until the next email that assured me I’d love season 2 of The Tudors (that piece of crud starring J Rhys Meyers and a lot of fake tan) and, er, Mamma Mia! What on God’s EARTH have I bought that suggests I might like the bloody Tudors?


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  1. 1 PW

    Similar deal here. I bought my son a Terry Pratchett book and someone else a motor winder for some fancy SLR, so now I get recommended all sorts of arcane photographic crap with side orders of Warhammer fantasques.

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