A toe in the water


Blogging and I have had a sporadic and not necessarily healthy relationship: I blog when I can be bothered. It’s no excuse to admit that I treat haircuts the same way. But this is the start of something new. A better me, a possibly less employed me, a more-time me. So here we are, at the dawn of a new blog. Ain’t that what the world has been waiting for? I would launch into a learned and closely argued disquisition on the nature of the blogosphere (something else the world needs), but I woke up at half three this morning with a roaring sore throat and what felt like a macadamia nut growing just beside my windpipe. It was joined some hours later by a chickpea sticking out of the side of my neck. Basically I’m a giraffe who’s swallowed a bag of very hot marbles, and I need all my energy for self-pity. An inauspicious start? Maybe. But with a bar set this low, it’s bound to get better. Isn’t it?


One Response to “A toe in the water”

  1. 1 Quincy The Dog

    Oohhh, now this is fun. But I would encourage you to at least go ankle deep next time. I’d like some more comedy please.


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